About Us

VO Group is a Virtual Organization of Sales Prospecting professionals. Most of us have a sales background or a sales prospecting background in the business solution space. Our company is a unique model, built, not around an opportunistic model but rather around a capitalistic philosophy. Capitalistic in that every member of the VO Group team is self-employed. Every member of our team is compensated based on performance. Each member of our team is allowed to grab more of the pie. 

VO Group offers a profoundly different environment that is not bound by industry, not bound by geography, not bound even by country. VO Group will keep growing internationally as we spread our reach. 

In the coming year, you will see VO Group moving into offering an Enterprise Mobility Buyers’ Guide as a method to generate passive sales leads, as well as a method to embrace Cloud Computing companies and Affiliate relationships. You will also see VO Group moving into an area of Crowd Funding for All Things Enterprise Mobile.
If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.